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Stream LiveTV, Radio and Recordings directly on your AppleTV!


With the addition of your Vu+ or any other Enigma2 based cable-/sat-receivers, Wifi or with LAN connection HD TV is yours.(requires OpenWebIF installed on your Set-Top-Box).

Easy TopShelf Navigation

On the TopShelf, you can see your favorite bouqet channels right on your Apple TV home screen. Launching vuplusTV and getting to your LiveTV channel has never been so easy.


Classic TV feeling right on your AppleTV

Our software makes the magic happen.


Once you have downloaded it onto your AppleTV and set it up with the IP of your Vu+ or any other Enigma2 based cable-/sat-receivers, you can access your favorite channels and stream them directly to your AppleTV


The brain behind the whole operation is OpenWebIF to read the bouquets with your favorite stations and their current EPG information via HTTP.

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VuplusTV is like mission control for your

LiveTV experience on your AppleTV


Live TV streaming directly from your Set-Top-Box

Fast & Easy set-up process

Support for 3rd Party Remote Controls

Favorites channels supported

Play recordings directly from your Set-Top-box

Easy Zapping mode, Just swipe for change channels

Support for URL-based stream authentication

Apple TV 4K supported

more features coming soon

set it up

It's easy!

VuPlusTV is simple to set-up and easy-to-use.
Just enter the IP and the port number of your Vu+ or any other Enigma2 based cable or sat-receivers and start watching LiveTV Streams or Recordings stored on your Set-Top-Box,

that's it.


The App queries all data about your Bouquets, Services and Recordings from your cable or sat-receivers and you can start watching your favorite TV-Channels right on your AppleTV.

VuPlusTV supports the use of multiple Bouquets with TV and Radio services and multiple locations with recordings on your Set-Top-Box.

Supported Devices

VuplusTV is working on all Vu+ TV Receiver and many other popular Enigma2 based cable or satellite devices.

Learn more about supported devices on our partner website

VU+ Support Forum

The App does not require file sharing (like SMB, FTP, NFS) enabled on the box. It only uses OpenWebIF via HTTP to read the Bouquets with your favorite stations and their current EPG information.


Same applies for showing all the recordings you made on the Vu+ or any other Enigma2 based cable-/sat-receivers. HTTPS for accessing OpenWebIF is not yet supported. FTP is only used to backup some App data, as there is no persistent storage on tvOS.


VuplusTV comes with simple remote controls. Once you're set up, here's how you'll use the controls.


During playback of recordings you can pause or use fast forward playback, which is limited because of using an HTTP connection for streaming.


Whether you are looking for info, want to send us your feedback, or you have questions about setups and troubleshootings, we love hearing from you! Simply select your type of inquiry below and we'll get back to you.

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Looking for more Technical Support ?

Post issues or questions, browse past threads and join discussions about vuplusTV or Vu+ Set-Top-Boxes with other community members in our partner community forum.



By the support of hm-sat, this app is brought to you for free.

the vuplus-support forum and their members for the support and the testing efforts.


is a Linux based Open Source operating system widely used in receivers for satellite or cable TV

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